When I was young I always used to think it would be easy to beat roulette – I mean just look for a pattern and bet accordingly. Be like so many others who have tried and failed. forgetting that it is all about throwing the ball and waiting for the favourable outcomes.

Nevertheless I kept searching and now that I am an older and wiser man I make two things to win at roulette not once, not twice, but every time I place my bet – every time I bet I am hoping it will be the winning bet.

The first thing I said to myself is what can I possibly do in order to beat this ‘breaker’ of a game. And my second ‘thought’ is what don’t I have to EASIY accept the money I have already lost.

We all have to deal with life’s scenarios and challenges and I am sure that mine are pretty straightforward. Knowing that, I kept searching and eventually I found the perfect way to beat roulette, if only for a short period. That would be the best way to beat roulette for me. And this system I will share with you is the best.

I call this method the longest distance betting. Simply because it will require you to place your bets over a large distance. You have to increase your betting amount in the every round you play.

The distance in which you are betting is called the Edge. A bet with the best odds in the bets if you place it bet on the number five. With the bet on the five roulette you will win 37 to 1. A bet on the six or the eight roulette will win 17 to 1. The bet on the number nine will win 11 to 1.

By betting on the six, eight or nine you have almost a 50 percent chance of winning. This is using the long odds scenario. The bet on the five roulette if you don’t win it, has a probability of 0.ip0. This a way to create an odd even sequence. Try it.

In the long run the bet on the six or the eight will win. The bet on the number seven will lose around 16 to 1. The bet on the number eight has a high house edge so you need to identify it’s odds before you place your bet.parlay betting systemocratically achieves this. The Gamble can be applied to red, black, odd even, 1 to 18, 19 to 36, columns either full of 18 numbers or 18 numbers, even or odd numbers, high or low numbers.

Imagine, betting on 18 numbers, instead of 18, you have the chance to bet on 36 numbers. This improves the odds to 11.5 percent.

The 18 numbers just use up more of your money. The more you bet, the more you will win. Today, most gamblers play roulette using the Martingale system. The Gamble system.

Where is the catch?

There never was, never will be any system that you can use to beat the roulette wheel. Some experts from France came up with a similar idea called the tourist system. They put a large amount of bets on a small number of numbers and hope that if they lose some, they will cover it with the bets they placed. Their profit was sure to grow if they win. The theory is that it has always been like this, but no one was ever able to prove it.

You will never be able to prove the existence of the Roulette system unless you have a body to prove it exists. If you were Tony find a way to win at roulette, then you would have to produce proof before you could do so. Otherwise, you will just keep continuing your way to cover your bets and make huge profits.